An increased amount of work in 2004-2005 on the arrangement of roadway paving, in 2006 led to the decision to decomission of the structural unit outside of the Altis Group and the creation of a new Infrabud company.


  • fast construction and repair of cement concrete and asphalt concrete coverings, airstrips, air platforms, roads, platforms, terrains, and hangers;
  • sliplining of aerodromes and road pavements with the method of cold deep in-place recycling;
  • soil stabilization and a full complex of preparatory, earthworks, an specific building activities.

The staff has a huge experience of work on constraction of traffic facilities both in Ukraine and abroad. Executing all work in the shortest possible time, the company practically occupies the third position in the market of such services.

Infrabud also focuses on the construction of passages and freight sites. Significant facilities of the company are the Chaika logistics centre and MERKS (Brovary). The company fully managed to replace asphalt cement pavements with cement concrete. Cement concrete has the value of avoiding a track formation, and that is why it is actively used in infrastructure development. Concrete has proven to be advantageous in the construction of infrastructure facilities for freight road traffic in Europe and the United States. One of the main advantages of such a material is its resistance to temperature changes, and as a result, the durability of a covering.


  • concrete placing complex on the motorized installation of concrete revetment;
  • more than 100 road construction machinery units;
  • a complete set of equipment and machinery for adjustiment and treatment of industrial floors of varying complexity;
  • three mobile cement concrete plants with a total capacity of more than 300 m³ /h.

Infrabud Company offers zero cycle implementation, ground works, service and outward engineering network installation, specialized structure construction, landscaping, and asphalt road paving.The company applies a wide range of asphalt concrete mixes, planches, curbs and remmed concrete.

Infrabud is actively expanding its scope of operations; it holds licenses for special construction and bridge engineering


  • installation of soil and sand-gravel beds under the foundation;
  • integrated road construction;
  • strengthening works, including the application of various types of geowebs;
  • protective work including different types of geogrids;
  • a unique technique of ‘needle-shaped pumps’ is used for pumping water from the soil during work with complex grounds.

Projects of the company: construction and repair of roads on the territory of Ukraine; asphalt laying in hard-toreach places; asphalt indoors (garage complexes), etc.