The company works in close collaboration with such manufacturers as GUARDIAN, AGC, SAINT-GOBAIN and others.


  • double-glazed units prodution (sun-protective, energy saving, nonstrain influences);
  • manufacturing of prestressed and heat-strengthened glass; • enamel production in accordance with TR “Glass special technical requirements’ TR U 26.1-31280745-001: 2011. RAL colour array is at the customer’s discretion;
  • production of patterned glass by the silk-screening technique;
  • production of multiple glasses (triple glass);
  • manufacturing of architectural and decorative triple glass with full-color one-sided or double-sided pattern;
  • smart glass production.

Facilities Altis Glass took part in:

Residential complexes: Smart Apartments Drahomanova, River Stone, Richmond, Soniachna Riviera, Metropol, Rybalsky, Pionerskyi Kvartal, Medovyi, Faina Town, Amurskyi, Zorianyi, Level, Kharkivskyi, Kudryavskyi, San Francisco, Kandinskyi, Panorama, Kakhovska, Shevchenkivskyi, Edelweiss, Krona Park, Diplomat,Terracotta, Atria City, Lvivska Ploshcha, Metrotolis, Park Lake City, Italian Quarter, Respublika, Arsenal, Aryia.

Additional services include the following projects:

Dominant Plaza BC, Hillford BC, Era BC, PJSC Myronivskyi Hliboproduct, Filmotechnic Ukrintii admin. building, Liko-School, Ibis Hotel complex, Cosmopolit Hotel, Zaporizhzhya Airport, KDD Vasylkivska, Adagio Hotel complex, Ocean Plaza, parking of Boryspil Airport, Epicentr, Mega-market, LvivTech.City, Yacht Club Kyiv.