• construction and renovation of heat power facilities;
  • adjustment and rebuild of engineering networks, modernization of pump units;
  • installation and renovation of waste reduction facilities, wastewater treatment, mechanic dehydration facilities, and sludge utilization;
  • construction of alternative energy units, including biogas generation; heat and electricity production;
  • building and reconstruction of solid household and industrial waste utilization facilities, construction of yards, accumulation and utilization of landfill gas, sorting and processing of waste.

Для кожного об’єкту ми пропонуємо до реалізації найбільш відповідне і перевірене рішення, виправдане з технічної, екологічної і економічної точки зору, а також з врахуванням індиві

For each facility, we offer the implementation of the most appropriate and trusted solutions, reasonable from a technical, environmental and economic point of view, taking into account individual requirements and features.