It is of great importance that all that is integrated in terms of the outline concept by the specialists of Altis Group. As a result, it is possible to create a complex and reliable system that ensures the work of any site, even the most complex one.

The basics of any business process are data centres, which have a high level of reliability. The Altis Group team implemented a multi-stage reservation system for all key engineering subsystems such as power supply, cooling, fire supression, as well as round-the-clock monitoring of the parameters of the above-mentioned elements.


In order to coordinate the work of all departments, integrated audio and video communication systems have been developed and implemented. They include IP-telephony solutions, loudspeaker selector communication systems, and digital radio communication.


Current safety standards include all regulatory requirements for the construction of systems of the same level. For this purpose, the specialists of Altis Group developed and successfully implemented a comprehensive integrated security and communication systems ready for work in regional and national complexes, for example, Safe Cities Programme.

To coordinate the work of different establishments, security service monitoring centres, equipped with all the necessary tools, are being set up. They include interfaces and communication channels with all internal structures of enterprises, videowalls, based on seamless LCD-panels (for full control over the situation in real time) and other means necessary for functions of the security service.


They help to optimize the activities of all the structural units involved in the business of any enterprise. For implementation of such a task, appropriate software and hardware complexes are created. They consist of the following main systems: general use, information database, resource management, billing system, shaping the outputs, etc.

In spite of the huge amount of interconnected work, all projects of the Altis Group, as a rule, are completed in the shortest time frame, in compliance with all requirements for the reliability and quality of the installed solutions.

As a result, the contract giver receives a world-class system complex that in equipment is equal to the best European models.