One of the most important targets of infrastructure construction is the economic development of a country

Altis Group specializes in the construction of terminals and landing strips, airport reconstruction, repair of bridges, construction and repair of roads, and construction of sites for logistics centres and customs terminals. Such a direction also includes a wide range of ground preparation work, engineering surveys, and the construction of bridges and roads with concrete and asphalt pavement.

Altis Group performs all stages of road construction of different complexity and volume, in strict compliance with all technological requirements.

Altis Group has wide experience in carrying out work related to the construction of infrastructure facilities. We work in accordance with international quality standards and serves as a visual demonstration of qualified and efficient work.

Altis Group has been actively negotiating on the establishment of joint partnerships with foreign companies. The area of their activity should be the implementation of state transport projects for the complex construction of industrial and civil facilities both in Ukraine and abroad.