Altis Group provides general contract services in the markets of residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural construction. The prevailing specialty is the construction of commercial real estate. More than 73% of all facilities are office buildings, shopping and entertainment centres, and logistics complexes.

The professional provision of general contract services arisen the Altis Group to a new development stage; it led to an increase in the number of government businesses for installation works and construction of infrastructure facilities.

Specialists of the Altis Group have experience in direct assistance of subcontractors in various profiles and directions, both general construction, engineering and special (including technological). It helps to control the construction process and identify dangerous and critical situations in time, and simultaneously to take part in preparations for the object commissioning.

The result of cooperation with the Altis Group is constant construction work and significant savings. The availability of our own production capacities and construction technique allows us to perform almost all the work ourselves; it simplifies coordination and control, and ultimately improves quality and reduces the duration of building.

Altis Group also cooperates with leading construction companies, who perform specialized types of work and, if there is a need, may be involved as subcontractors.